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1) What types of rubber do you sell?
Our main rubber is Open Cell Sponge Rubber (OCSR). It is available as plain rubber, rubber with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) on one side or as rubber with printable polyester on one side. It is typically used as a substrate in the production of mouse pads, gaming mats and counter mats.

2) In what forms is the material purchased?
Rolls, sheets, die cut parts and printed pieces.

3) Is sponge rubber an ecologically responsible product?
The rubber tree-tapping process does not affect the health of the tree and the tree wound heals itself to continue to yield latex for up to thirty years. New trees are planted to replace trees that have exceeded their life cycle.

4) I noticed the rubber has an odor. Is this normal?
Yes. The odor of natural rubber will lessen after a while depending on air circulation, humidity, and other factors. But, it will always have some odor. Additionally, if you are dye sublimating to the polyester, there could be odors and smoke emitted from the natural rubber or the transfer papers depending on amount of heat you are using and what transfers you are using for your printing. Our US printing partners do not report having any adverse odor problems using their material and equipment within their environment. If you are a dye sublimation printer check with your equipment manufacturer or your transfer supplier for further information. MSDS sheets are available.

5) Is natural rubber latex free?
The milky, colloidial latex sap harvested from the rubber tree is chemically converted to an elastic hydrocarbon polymer which is called natural sponge rubber. The final product is washed, but traces of the latex remain.

6) Does open cell sponge rubber have a slip resistant surface?
Yes.The surface of open cell sponge rubber is textured to provide a slip-resistant property.

7) What other types of products do you sell?
We can supply an SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) that is a man-made, synthetic rubber derived from styrene and butadiene. Unlike open cell sponge rubber, SBR is lighter in weight, less expensive, abrasion resistant, and has no memory

8) Is Neoprene the same as open cell sponge natural rubber?
No. Neoprene is in the family of petroleum based synthetic rubbers produced by polymerization. Although the names are often used interchangeably, neoprene is mostly used in the product on of koozies, lunch bags, yoga mats, diving suits, etc. Your application affects your decision whether to use open cell sponge rubber or neoprene.

9) What types of businesses do you sell to?
Production Rubber LLC supplies business ranging from Accounting to the Wood Products industries who are located in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Click here to see an inexhaustive list of our customer base.

10) What is the best way to receive product information?
We prefer you use the contact link located at the top of the web site. Occasionally we may call you for further clarification. You can always call our sales department directly at (802) 881-6358 or E-mail us at

11) What is the best way to receive a quote?
Use the contact link located at the top of the web site. It is important to completely fill out the form, especially your intended application for the material, quantity of material required and expected lead-time for receiving material.

12) Can I purchase die cut printed material?
Yes. Our offshore open cell sponge rubber can purchased as diecut, dye-sublimated mats printed from customer supplied copyrighted camera-ready artwork. Contact us for additional information. Please note we do not diecut material converted in the USA.

13) Can I order a free sample?
Yes. A free mouse pad size sample may be requested by providing your FedEx or UPS shipper account number with commercial ship-to address and preferred shipping method. Samples are sent GROUND from the west or east coast depending on which product you are interested in. Samples are subject to stock availability.
Larger prototype testing sheets are priced according to size for plain rubber with pressure sensitive adhesive. Prototype sheets with polyester top are only available in standard sheet size of 39" x 54". For larger prototype material needs a full roll must be purchased.

14) Can I order just one sheet?
Yes, you can purchase below minimum quantities. A surcharge of $75.00 will be added to invoices for orders below minimum quantity of thirty sheets.

15) Can I arrange delivery with a carrier of my choice?
Yes. You can also use your preferred shipper account for us to ship freight collect within the continental United States.

16) Do you ship outside the continental United States?
Our international customers take possession of their pallet(s) at our manufacturer's dock in the United States for delivery to customers' freight forwarders in the continental United States.

17) What are the lead times for your products?
Our offshore material is usually stocked and is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. For stock waiting for replenishment, or for custom ordered material, lead times can be a minimum of five weeks. Actual lead-times are determined at time of PO. Rolls of USA converted material with polyester has a four to five week minimum lead time from acceptance into the production cycle. USA converted plain rubber may be in stock in 36" width.

18) Does the rubber have any tolerances?
Variations in material thickness and dimensions between rolls or parts are normal to the manufacturing process due to the characteristics of rubber. Tolerances are indicated in in our estimate.

19) Does the material shrink or stretch during the printing process?
Rubber is not a rigid material by nature. Your printing process will impact size. For example, in dye sublimation printing, which uses heat as a the application source, the overall size of a pad shrinks from its unprinted dimension. If you are using a flat bed printer the roller creates a vertical downward pressure that results in the stretching of the material and the finished image. Please note, our polyester top rubber material is not suitable for use is any latex printing process.

20) Is my order returnable?
See Sections 10 through 12 in our full Terms and Conditions

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